3 excellent Examples of Content Marketing in Singapore

Content marketing has been a popular buzzword among digital marketing agencies in Singapore for the past few years. “We’re content marketers!” they yell. Producing articles, blogs and videos to please the search ranking overlords. And well, they’re right.

Content marketing is THE top draw when it comes to clicks and recall, trumping even buying your way up the search engines. Consumers want to be drawn into a story in order for them to consider purchasing or using a product. If you’re not already using some sort of content marketing in your plan, what are you really doing?

But, we’re here to help. Here are some examples of content marketing done well that may inspire your next campaign!


Scoot’s Article on Travelling Couples

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In this sponsored article written on Millenials of SG, they talk about one of the biggest challenges for Singaporean couples – a road trip together. They go on to detail the various factors that make shake even the most stable of relationship foundations. Of course, they also discuss the beautiful locations that couples can go on a road trip on.

This is good content marketing on multiple levels. They showcase the attractive locations that their airlines can fly the reader to. Millenials of SG’s audience are, as the name implies, millennials, Scoot’s target audience. The article is relatable to Singaporean couples and also people who have been in a relationship (and perhaps even experienced a post-trip break up). Effective content marketing sparks a desire in the reader, in this case it’s a desire to travel. The piece provides the reader helpful links to Scoot’s promotions as it concludes.



Giant’s Instant Noodles Taste Test

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The Singaporean supermarket giants (pardon the pun) released a list that ranked the top 100 Asian-flavoured instant noodles in 2017. Content marketing can pull in the reader in a number of different ways, and Giant went for the emotional appeal of a steaming pot of instant noodles. They start off the article by counting the times that a packet of instant noodles has been there for us.

Of course, all of these brands are available at Giant, they helpfully remind us.

This is an example of content marketing that can lead to high engagement. Instant noodles is a topic many Singaporeans feel strongly about, with most people having a favourite. An article like this can easily start a hot debate about which instant cuisine reigns supreme in the comments.



Our Grandfather Story’s Can Ask Meh? Series

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Original video production is time-consuming but often the most rewarding form of content marketing. The best Singaporean example would be local digital video publisher Our Grandfather Story’s video series titled “Can Ask Meh?”.

The series was full of heart-warming and tear-jerking stories stemming from questions that people would usually be too afraid or awkward to ask. They covered subjects that ranged from parents who have lost a child, to people living with disabilities. The videos garnered millions of views and comments on Facebook and YouTube.

Great content marketing can endear you to your viewers and leave them wanting more, and OGS achieved that in spades with this series.



What can we Learn From These Examples?

The main takeaway is that a high level of content marketing is very beneficial to brands, especially in the long run. People tend to remember content that really spoke to them. Content marketing also takes time and is not easy to pull off. A great deal of work goes into the thought process behind each great content marketing campaign and it pays off when executed properly.

Delight your consumers and reap the rewards of great content marketing in Singapore by hiring a content marketing agency!

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