Facebook Marketing Stats in Singapore

Facebook is still the most popular social media marketing platform globally, and the number one social media marketing channel choice of most social media marketing agencies in Singapore. We take a look at some Facebook marketing statistics and trends in Singapore, and look into what we can learn from them.



Millennials Top Facebook Usage in Singapore

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To no one’s surprise, millennials are at the top of the list when it comes to overall social media usage. Most Facebook marketing strategies will have millennials as their target market, so digital marketing agencies will rejoice at that stat.

What may come as a shock is that 22.4% of Facebook users in Singapore are in the age range of 45-64. This could be down to several factors. With an aging population getting into the trend of late, the Singaporean government efforts to make sure that senior citizens are digitally ready, and these users wanting to use social media to keep up with younger family members.

Funnily enough, this could also play a part in younger users moving away from Facebook. Millennials do not like to feel “followed”, whether in terms of Facebook marketing or a parent using Facebook as a surveillance tool. Facebook marketing statistics have shown a trend of the younger generation moving away from the platform and jumping to others such as Instagram or Snapchat.



Organic Reach Numbers Trend Downward

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Even as the number of Facebook users continues to grow, businesses have seen a fall in their organic reach. Facebook marketing statistics have shown that only around 5.2% of a page’s followers will see content that the business has not paid for.

What does this mean for social media marketing agencies in Singapore?

Brands will also have to pay to get their Facebook marketing seen. Boosting posts to the right target audience is the way to go. Furthermore, studies have shown that Facebook marketing is at its most effective when video content is used. So, while well-designed static images are still good, video production gets you the most bang for your buck in Facebook marketing.



Content is King

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Facebook marketing is placing higher importance on quality over quantity. You need relatable organic content planned for your followers. Organic reach is given a big boost when the post is shared by users. Content marketing makes consumers feel that they are not being sold to, but being pulled into the story. Therefore, these users are more likely to trust the brand and share it with others.

To summarise, properly using Facebook marketing tools will build you a substantial digital presence to grow your followers. Loyal followers will lead to your Facebook marketing content being shared more often, leading to a bigger viral reach. In such a saturated market, brands should also consider underutilized approaches to boost their brand identity.

For instance, businesses such as DBS have used Facebook Messenger chatbots to increase their leads without adding staff costs. Facebook Live is also rising in popularity as a Facebook marketing tool for businesses to increase their customer engagement. Even if your business doesn’t sell a product by a live auction, you could use a social influencer or KOL (key opinion leader) to be a brand ambassador and talk about your brand on their live streams.



Where Does Facebook Rank?

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YouTube is the top dog when it comes to online activity in Singapore, followed closely behind by Facebook. This means that while Facebook marketing is still one of the best avenues for digital advertising, anyone employing Facebook marketing should take note of the upward trend in the preference for video content, with 500 million users consuming videos daily. One way to lighten your load when it comes to Facebook marketing is to hire a social media marketing agency that can allow your brand to fully thrive using their expertise!

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