Should I Hire a Content Marketing Agency in Singapore?

A content marketing agency should be something you are seriously thinking about investing in. A good content marketing company can make a huge difference in the reach of your brand, especially with the dense reach of a country like Singapore. It doesn’t matter which industry you work in – content marketing agencies can help you increase your brand voice and customer base with their expertise.

This may be a change in your current strategy as we pivot away from more traditional modes of marketing, but the future is digital, so we’re here to answer a few key questions you may have about content marketing.



What is content marketing?

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Let’s start from the very beginning. Content marketing is a strategy that allows your future customers to come to you. It’s the difference between searching on Google for a restaurant in Singapore and coming across a video story about the same restaurant’s owner.

Content marketing is unique as you are going to be speaking to potential customers who have sought you out. They haven’t arrived on your website by chance, they have searched you out for a reason. In a country such as Singapore, where the internet penetration rate is 82% but 41% of users use an ad blocker, this is extremely valuable.

Content marketing encompasses a variety of different methods. One may have immediately thought of blog posts and informative articles, which do play a part, but content marketing also incorporates other platforms such as social media and video content.

Think of content marketing as your way of reaching out to your potential client base but in an organic manner. You provide site visitors relevant information that is relatable to them. This potentially creates a loyal client base. Having good content increases the credibility of your brand as well – it means that visitors to your site feel they’re not being sold to, but that you are an authority in your area.



How does a content marketing agency work?

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A content marketing agency specialises in that one specific area. It’s their bread and butter.

You may or may not already have your own marketing department. A content marketing agency can work alongside your current digital marketing team to enhance your campaign. If your business doesn’t have a dedicated team, they can provide a full content marketing strategy for your business.

Content marketing works best when there’s a steady stream of content. The companies that know how to market content are usually constantly creating new content, and this can be time consuming and if you’re not an expert. It can become tiresome always trying to find new angles and new content. By using a content marketing agency, you have their expertise at your disposal.



Does content marketing work?

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In short, yes. Content marketing is going to reach out to people interested in knowing what you do. Content marketing has some key advantages over more traditional strategies in that it’s not “interruptive”. Think of traditional marketing such as print ads, billboards, and television spots. It’s not that these strategies don’t work, but they’re not as efficient in the digital age. While you’re reaching a mass audience, the vast majority of whom probably won’t have any interest in your product.

With content marketing you are implicitly advertising to your audience, and you are interacting with an audience that has sought you out. Content marketing is more targeted and more likely to result in sales. There are estimates that digital content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing programs but generates 3 times the leads. So having your company front and centre of those pieces means that you’re already engaging potential future customers at a lower cost than usual.



What are examples of content marketing?

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Content marketing is interesting in that part of the strategy is offering genuinely engaging and interesting content to your readers. A news bulletin that is sent to a list of interested readers is just as much content marketing as an SEO article on a blog. A viral video about a current economic crisis is another example – providing information that may be only tangentially related to your business, but nonetheless builds trust and a relationship with your future or current clients.

As you can imagine, this strategy is going to become even more important as the world becomes increasingly digital and your future customers can seek out only the information they want to see. So, it’s well worth investing in a content marketing agency and getting ahead of the curve.

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