How to get the most out of Your Paid Posts

It’s a pay-to-be-seen business on social media right now. Facebook performance marketing reports have shown that organic (unpaid) reach is in decline. Most social media companies project it to decline even further as time goes on. This is a problem for businesses looking to improve their Instagram and Facebook marketing in Singapore.

The solution is simple right? Pay to play! Well, yes and no.



More Bang for Your Buck

Not just about increasing budget allocation when it comes to Facebook and Instagram ads

Hit that boost post button! The more money I put into this, the more eyes will be on it. While that is true, the eyes looking at your boosted post will, in all likelihood, not be the people you want. Your Facebook marketing materials will be going out to the entire world without regard for age, gender, preferences, habits, or any of that good stuff we call demographics!

Here’s a better way to do it:

Firstly, for effective Facebook marketing in Singapore, make sure you’ve read our guide on creating a Facebook business page. When posting as a business, there’ll be a little blue button that says “Boost Post”. Click it!



This will bring up a page where you can customize various settings such as objectives, whether or not to have a CTA (Call to Action) button, demographics, and more.


Choose Your Targets

Great digital advertising content should be seen and heard by the right people

As any good social media marketing agency will tell you, the crux of a good campaign is well-defined objectives. What do you want out of this post?


Take a look at the options available in the image above. Get the most out of your Facebook marketing by targeting only people relevant to your brand. Do you want more awareness? Click the “Engagements” objective. Looking for leads? Hit the “Messages” objective. Facebook then uses its algorithm to decide which people are the most likely to respond and pushes your post to those users.


Facebook marketing stats in Singapore estimate that only 8% of a page’s followers see their posts. This is where the “Audience” tab comes in handy. You could choose to boost to people who already like your page, ensuring that a high percentage of them will see your post. A good Facebook marketing tactic is also including your followers’ friends since it’s likely that they may have the same interests. Local area targeting could also be useful for businesses such as restaurants, cafes, and bars.


Placements and Budgets

Reach more people, increase engagement, generate leads, advertise on social media wisely.

Scroll down on the left portion and you’ll reach the placements, duration, and budget portion.


Placements simply mean where your audience will see your post. Be it on their Facebook feed, Instagram, or Messenger. Facebook marketing tools use the algorithm to select the best placements for your ad, or you can choose where you want your post to be seen! We highlight the importance of good ad placements in this article.

When it comes to budget, you can spend a minimum of $1 per day on your Facebook marketing. Theoretically, this means that you can have a Facebook marketing plan for as little as $30 per month. Of course, the more you spend, the more eyes you’ll get on your ad.


Clicking the “Edit” button on the first option will allow you to be even more specific with your Facebook marketing targeting, such as adjusting the specific age range, interests, and location of your target audience. We go in-depth on this in another article.



The “Call to Action” button allows you to select from a variety of options from “Learn More” to “Shop Now”. Depending on your Facebook marketing objective, this is an optional tool that could be useful to you. You could use it to link to your website, shop, or event page depending on your content.


We Have to go Deeper

A creative agency delivers attractive content and analyzes ad performance to improve your online campaigns

To utilize all of Facebook and Instagram’s Marketing tools, we recommend using your page insights to find out why a campaign worked. Some trends are simple to see, for example, if your audience prefers video content to pictures. Hiring a digital marketing agency that has specialists in social media marketing could also be another option, taking the burden of deciphering the stats off of you.

Contact the best social media marketing agency in Singapore that analyzes and allocates every penny wisely to get the greatest outcome.