Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram Stories started out as Instagram’s answer to Snapchat. Like Snapchat, Instagram allowed its users to create temporary content that lasts for 24 hours, with features such as AR filters, live video, and geotags. The format started back in 2016 and eventually outgrow Snapchat in terms of active users. It is also an underutilized aspect of Instagram marketing in Singapore.

How Can Stories Help My Instagram Marketing?

Increase engagement by bringing your brand to your audience’s fingertips

Singapore has the third-highest Instagram penetration in the world, just behind Hong Kong and Malaysia, at 11.38% of the population. Majority of the country’s users are millennials, a huge target market for any Instagram marketing plan.

While page posts are still an important part of Instagram marketing, stories are increasing in its significance. Recent stats have shown that more users are starting to look at Instagram stories instead of posts. 1 in 3 users worldwide views Instagram stories daily, with that number looking to trend upward next year.

50% of businesses worldwide have created at least one story a month, so this is your business’ chance to jump on a new wave of Instagram marketing.


Interact through Instagram story functions: stickers, quizzes, polls, AR filters, reels, and lots more!

Instagram marketing’s effectiveness comes from engagement and insights. If you haven’t done it yet, click here to read how to convert your Instagram to a business page. Instagram stories have a multitude of features that allows you to gauge reaction to a product instantly.

Polls and sticker sliders on Instagram stories will allow you to gauge sentiment on a product. Quizzes can allow you to know just how much people know about your brand. Live video also allows for real-time engagement with your followers, whether it’s a behind-the-scenes shoot or a live Q&A. Rather than being just an advertisement, these Instagram marketing tools allow your brand to feel like a living, breathing product.

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Get Creative!

Instagram advertising is not just about Instagram feed post and IGTV

Instagram story ads with interactive elements have been shown to increase engagement. Shorter attention spans mean that users will prefer to press a button rather than watch a 15-second ad.

Instagram stories also allow for creativity in implementing these elements to create a great user experience. One could buy 2 Instagram story ads for a 30-second placement, with one having a poll and the second one with a swipe-up link. One great Instagram marketing example would be having flash sales on your stories and taking a look at the insights after the story expires to gauge reaction.


Invest in an advertising agency to get the best digital marketing services

Having learned all about the benefits of Instagram marketing through stories, how does one go about implementing this? This is where a social media marketing agency can step in, managing your social media campaigns from Facebook to Instagram, LinkedIn to Twitter, start to finish.

Social media marketing agencies have the experience and know-how to make sure that your business is getting the most from your social media marketing. A social media marketing agency will be able to set clear objectives with the business and set a guideline for all your social media marketing and come back at the end of each campaign with numbers to justify your investment.

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