Instagram: Singapore’s Millenial Fair. Are You Making Full Use of it?

Ever wondered where all the youth are after they left Facebook? 60% of Singaporeans on Instagram are aged 18-24 years old; that’s more than half the total number of Instagram users in Singapore! Since its humble origins, the site has also added to its functions creating a multi-faceted social media platform for social media marketing agencies and content creators to fulfil all their content marketing needs. It’ll be a shame to let all the potential traffic and leads slip away just because your social media marketing strategy does not utilize the platform to its full potential.



More people only swipe through stories rather than scrolling through their feed. The 24 hour limit on stories creates a sense of urgency that it’ll be gone compared to an Instagram post. It’s also an easier way to engage and create authentic interactions with followers. As AR filters are all the rage nowadays, IG stories are a lot more diverse and entertaining than they were two years ago. After noticing this, Instagram have also added options for advertising agencies to boost stories in specific locations and demographics. What’s more, the social media site has made digital advertising user friendly and easier to access by letting users swipe up to open the link to the landing page and close the deal.

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IGTV and Live

For all the info that can’t fit into reels or stories, IGTV is there to shout all the info needed to followers. Anything more than one minute goes straight into IGTV rather than a post, so business owners can plan their content marketing strategies accordingly to build up their feed. Live streams and IGTV offer more time for content creators to share valuable and useful information as their content marketing strategy to build up a stronger following. Examples of content to add to your social media marketing strategy that Singaporeans love are:  tutorials, live chats, reviews, unboxing videos and many more. It’s also a great way to interact and update followers on the latest happenings in detail.




With the rise of TikTok and demand for video content, social media marketing agencies are now looking at short, attention grabbing video productions as their content marketing strategy. Many creative agencies are focusing on video production to create short creative content to pull in traffic to their social media pages. There is also a social media trend to create short, concise videos which get straight to the point. It’s also a fun way to show viewers what the brand identity and brand values are, and leading followers who click with the brand into the page. Just like stories, users can play around with AR filters and tracks to make their videos even more fun, plus they stick around for as long as they want.

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IG shop

In 2020, Instagram added a new shop feature to help with businesses in their social media marketing efforts. When users engage the tab, products published by the businesses they followed will be on the top of the list. Also there’s an Editors’ picks tab that helps recommend brands and products to users who may be interested. The best part? Users won’t have to leave the app to make a purchase as Instagram offers options to pay for items via Facebook Pay. In addition to the usual instagram feeds, business owners and social media marketing agencies could now publish blogs in the guide tab to talk more about the brands stories or recommendations to attract more leads.

Most companies are underutilizing the many of the features on social media, missing out on potential content and reach

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